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How We Create It

The process of making custom cut foam sculptures begins with a few drawings and sketches. Using specialized software, the sketches are turned into 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files, compatible with the CNC routers and CNC foam cutters. These are the machines that do the actual cutting and shaping.

Our Creation Process

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There are no limits to what we can do, being able to build anything you need to make your event out of this world.

Our attention to detail satisfies the wishes of even our most meticulous clients.

Our Company

3D Custom Cut Foam is an innovative way to create beautiful sculpture decorations anywhere. Our unique pieces are head turners and they bring a completely new look to where they stand.


Our goal is to become the leading 3d custom cut foam company in Canada and North America. We offer superior support, quick service and top quality products. We lead in our practices, knowledge and technology to attract and retain a large loyal client base.