3D Foam for Gaming Events

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At every gamer event, realistic props of the 3D statues, signage, logos, accessories, and video game settings dominate the area. This gives fans a visually stunning display while bringing their favourite games to life. If you have ever wondered how those life-size action figures and animated marvels are made, we have the answer.

With the overwhelming popularity of video gaming, different conventions take place annually to bring the gamer community together. Comic-Con, Fan Expo, Wonder Con, Super Nova, Toy Fair, C2E2, and the International Consumer Electronics Show are some of the most anticipated gaming conventions around the world. Moreover, endless global competitions and gaming marathons are held in different cities and countries every month.

How 3D Sculptures Are Made

Styrofoam sculptures are made of polyurethane, a more dense foam that is easy to mould and sculpt. Using different tools and techniques, the foam figures are designed with realistic precision. Foam is lightweight and easy to shape into 3D designs, signs, and many other accessories.

Designing a 3D foam sculpture to promote video games at different events takes a lot of planning, creativity, and work. Using various tools, designs are scanned, measured, and made individually, so each piece is created using different tools and skills. Once complete, the foam sculpture is transformed into a perfect replica of the video game display.

Styrofoam pillars

Another perk to styrofoam is that it can be easily painted. You may customize 3D foam sculptures by painting them in different colours and styling them however you please.

Advertising with 3D Sculptures

Custom foam shapes add a whole new level of effective advertising to a promotional campaign. The versatile material can be customized and shaped to make any character, prop, or stage to perfectly replicate the video game designs.

3d foam sculptures

Foam figures are great advertising displays that can be used at any branding event. The highly-detailed sculptures are not only visually appealing but add a whole new textured dimension to your booth.

Gaming brands can use 3D designs to promote their products by creating life-size gaming characters. You can display these foam characters in lobbies, stores, entrances, and trade show booths. The precise detailing put into each building creates exceptional stage props and arenas. As a result, gamers feel like they have stepped into their favourite game.


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