Gone are the days when scary masks and bloody teeth would be enough to make a Halloween themed event or party a hit. The latest 3D foam technology is the next level in creating a successful and enjoyable Halloween event. You can get custom Halloween props that would leave your guests scared stiff.

Below are some unique prop ideas:

Scary 3D Foam Sculptures

Be it custom graveyard stones or guardian gargoyle, the options are endless when it comes to creating foam Halloween props that are not only durable but also cost-effective.

3D Custom Foam Trim for Dramatic Entrances

Haunted house props including custom made entrances and mausoleums can add the spooky edge needed to create a wow effect. Professional Halloween props are lightweight and can be made to replicate any gory scene straight out of a movie to leave a lasting impact.

3d foam shapes

Haunted House 3D Styrofoam Bust Models, Costumes & Props

Eerie bust models act as great fillers for places your guests least expect to find them. Professional foam artists are able to make them lifelike and life-size to turn your event into a haunted house from a ghost town.

Custom designed styrofoam costume elements will make your Halloween look unique and stylish, bringing attention to you at any party.

3d rose props and bust models

Funny Halloween props are another way to add that ghostly element to your party while still keeping the ambiance light and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking for reusable pumpkin or want to impress your guests with design and unimaginable scale, 3D foam is the answer. Decorate your house, stock up with candy and have a Happy Halloween everybody!