Corporate 3D Foam

As a company, we always enjoy taking on larger scale projects that can offer us challenges. For this reason, we offer corporate 3D foam work for many companies and assist in product launches, corporate events and parties, trade shows, holiday events and more. Our mission is to help your company shine in the spotlight, with the help of our event decorations and custom cut foam sculptures. We strive to create beautiful ways to advertise and bring attention to your company and brands, in unique ways. 

Our 3D Foam Services for Corporate Events

corporate event décor

Custom 3D Foam Structures

Bring your brand and product to the forefront with custom cut 3D foam sculptures and replicas. We can create scaled replicas of any object. Say you’re advertising a car but can’t bring one indoors? We can help you by creating a full-size, realistic replica that is easy to transport and install. We make custom cut foam sculptures using specialized software and sophisticated machinery. Beginning with sketches, our teams and CNC foam cutters can turn any idea into a reality. We offer custom-made props, decorations, set pieces and centrepieces for your next event.

custom made sculptures

Advertisement, Signs and Letters

The more impact your advertisement has, the more likely customers are to notice your company. For these reasons, we offer custom lettering of all sizes, sign design and adornments designed to catch the eye of onlookers. We offer LED illumination for signs and billboards, to allow your design to have the desired impact.

corporate event decorations

Event Decorations

Make use of exceptional, custom signs and unique decorations for events and parties. Corporate or private, you can create a unique aesthetic through custom lettering and decoration. Custom Engineered Arts creates wholly unique decorations according to your theme, party needs and specifications.

Booth Decor Toronto

3D Foam Impact

We specialize in manufacturing eye-catching signage in addition to props and replicas, and know that the bolder the statement the more important it is. Impact is a huge reason to use 3D sculpture to its full advantages. Three-dimensional sculptures, signs and logos offer huge appeal and attraction and can help you market your company better. Simply put, making a larger impact allows you to attract more attention than you would with flat graphics. Make your customers stop and stare, and maybe take pictures too. What other advertising do you need?

foam carvings

Cost-Effective & Durable Decor

Foam sculpting offers a variety of unique advantages for every occasion. Our clients rave about the benefits of 3D oversized lettering over simple, 2D signage. We also offer LED lighting and illumination for our products, to create even more of an impact and ensure that your logo, brand, and lettering is seen night and day. Foam sculpture offers exceptional durability, easy maintenance, easy installation, amazing versatility and is a cost-effective solution for all prop, advertisement, replica and decoration needs.

Highest Quality Products

Call Custom Engineered Arts at 1 (888) 332-8762 today to talk about your needs. To learn more about our company visit our website or have a look at our portfolio. We will sit you down to have a quick chat about your next custom made masterpiece, party décor or otherwise. Our company makes it our goal to help your company, your current, and future customers, and your shareholders see the best sides of you. In order to create unique, beautiful advertisements for your benefit we only work with the highest quality products and promise 100% satisfaction. We are eager to help your company find the best way to showcase your products and services with a long-lasting, unique advertisement, replica, model or décor. As one of Canada’s best custom engineered prop, sculpture and decoration providers, Our Products featured in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and All across North America.  we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers and offer the highest quality services. This means that when you hire us to outfit your event with décor, you are guaranteed the best quality services in design and decorations. That’s our guarantee.

How 3D foam works?

Styrofoam material can be cut into any shape using hot wire and other foam cutting tools. That and very low wight allows us to create custom design sculptures and decorations of any complexity. Styrofoam can be easily damaged or broken in the process and it requires special skills to be painted. Therefore it is best to hire professionals to create a custom 3D scultpure or decor elements.

Why 3d styrofoam sculptures are best decorations for corporate events?

3D foam allows companies to showcase their products and branding in the most effective and attractive way possible at little expense and in short time. It is also the best material to be used for custom decoration for your corporate event, exhibition booth, conference and more.


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