Custom 3D Foam Sculptures


Custom Engineered Arts specializes in customized 3d foam sculptures for any event, occasion or purpose. We offer custom-made movie and theatre props, party decorations, scale replicas of any object, realistic figures, oversized letters, signage and billboards, décor elements and interior design capabilities such as moulding installation and 3D wall design. Our teams have the capacity to bring any creative vision to life, offering a wide range of talents and props. Foam carving offers you the benefits of being light, easy to carry and transport to the desired destination. It’s foam’s amazing versatility that allows us to create anything you might have in mind. Please view our portfolio to view some of our past projects, and to have an idea of what we can do for you.

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Building Foam antiques in the middle of the forest

Why Custom Foam Sculptures

We often get queries as to what a 3D foam sculpture or foam props can do for a non- theatre or film company. What does Custom Engineered Arts offer my event or party that a common party supply store doesn’t? The impact is a huge reason to use 3D sculpture to it’s full advantages. Three-dimensional sculptures, signs, and logos offer huge appeal and attraction and can help you market your company better. Simply put, making a larger impact allows you to attract more attention than you would with flat graphics. In terms of party and event planning and decoration, our company can provide you with unique aesthetics which are custom made and tailored to your needs. This is something that decoration products purchased from party supply stores or websites cannot offer you.

Our Foam Services

 Custom Engineered Arts offers oversized copies, as well as any scale versions of existing products and objects, which you can use to advertise, create an impact, act as backdrop or decoration, and so on. With our capabilities, we can recreate highly realistic versions of any item you desire; a to scale car, a massive logo, and much more. We coat our 3D sculptures with a protective coating and take extra steps to ensure that your foam carved sculpture can be used in indoor and outdoor locations if need be.

Custom Cut Foam Services Canada & USA

As a company, we take pride in creating the highest quality product. Our team of artists has a huge variety of skills and talents that allows us to make any project a reality. With our help, your 3D foam sculptures are just a phone call away. Call us now or visit our website for a quick, free estimate. We Work with Top Brands in Canada and the USA. Take a closer look at Portfolio for a better idea of the services we offer. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our company and process, so feel free to give us a call at 1 (888) 332-8762 with any questions, or to talk about your custom foam art today.