Custom Foam Props

If you’re looking for custom foam props for your special event, we’ve got your back. At Custom Engineered Arts, we specialize in building foam sculptures of any size. We have helped many clients achieve the design concept they have in mind with our custom styrofoam statues. Your event will definitely leave an everlasting impact with our foam decorations and out-of-this-world ideas!

Want to learn more about how to build a Mayan temple out of styrofoam or a life-size foam skull? Check out our portfolio to see some of our past projects and process.

Styrofoam Props with a Purpose!

Our styrofoam statues are fully customizable to your event type, its purpose, your audience, and your budget. You count on us to give you our brightest ideas to elevate your event venue and leave your guests in awe. We can sculpture styrofoam to create virtually anything such as:

custom foam props

Our custom-made props are handcrafted from durable styrofoam that’s also light-weight. So you can expect our styrofoam sculptures to last as long as you need them, as well as be able to move them however you please.

Custom Foam Props for Every Event

We know how to make foam props to suit any event, celebration, or occasion. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for your child or are a wedding planner, our team can assist you. As a result, we’ve successfully provided custom foam props to a wide variety of clients:

We Work to Your Convenience

When you reach out to our team, expect a friendly demeanour and a professional attitude. We will closely work with you to fully understand your vision. This is only because our staff is

  • skilled and knowledgable
  • driven by creativity and innovation
  • well-organized and punctual
  • dedicated to your satisfaction
  • compliant with industry standards
  • clean, quick, and professional

We understand you might love our designs yet do not want to buy our products. Therefore, we offer custom styrofoam sculptures for sale or prefabricated foam props for rent. This way, you can either keep your styro sculpture, use it, and reuse it. Or you can simply install it for your event then return it to our facility.

Our Foam Services

 Custom Engineered Arts offers oversized copies, as well as any scale versions of existing products and objects, which you can use to advertise, create your brand, act as backdrop or decoration, and so on. With our capabilities, we can recreate highly realistic versions of any item you desire. We also coat our 3D sculptures with a protective coating and take extra steps to ensure that your foam carved sculpture can be used in indoor and outdoor locations if need be.

Custom-Cut Foam Services in Toronto

Share your ideas with us. The more outlandish, the better. Whether you want a custom dog statue for your pup or golf-themed furniture for your event, you got it! As a proud foam sculpture company in Toronto, we have enough experience to make your vision come to life. Call us or send us an email, and you’ll hear from us as soon as possible.


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