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Custom made foam decorations for events and celebrations

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As Featured On CityTV  (4/30/2019)

You can rent the Angel Wings and other decorations for your event here or contact us to create your custom event decorations.

Building Castle in the sky – styrofoam large scale castle decorations 

Bat Mitzvah Full Scale Decorations

Crystalline Forest for the Wedluxe show

Fabrication and technical design for the Wedluxe show stage

Ice cream and sweets themed bat mitzvah

This amazing bat mitzvah celebration features pink props, ice cream replicas and many sweets all made from styro foam

Alice in Wonderland inspired Bat Mitzvah

Custom decorations, flowers, mushrooms and maze walls,  inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” made from 3d foam, by Custom Engineered Arts.

Bat Mitzvah Event Decor

Custom made decorations 

Angel Wings

Our custom foam sculptured wings (8 ft) for Wedluxe magazine.

Playing with Paints

3d Paints for Special Event


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