How we Create Custom Cut Foam

Custom cut foam in progress

We use CAD + CNC machines to cut the sculptures. We then sand them and paint them to a beautiful finish!


The process of making custom cut foam sculptures begins with a few drawings and sketches. Using specialized software, the sketches are turned into 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files, compatible with the CNC routers and CNC foam cutters. These are the machines that do the actual cutting and shaping.

Once the foam models are cut, our skilled team sands them very thoroughly, giving them an extremely smooth finish. They are also manually carved with a hand-held cutting tool to give them a final shape. We then coat them with polyurea that resembles plastic and is used to protect the foam objects from damage. Once the paint is applied, the project is finished.

cOur experienced team has the ability to create the perfect decor for your event.

Custom Cut Foam unfinished

We provide custom cut foam pieces for:

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