structural design, landscaping, rocks, icebergs, mountains, show props etc.. anything for the movies.

Why pay exorbitant rental prices for props, when you can have props made from scratch according to your specifications? Custom Engineered Arts is one of the industry’s leaders in custom-made movie and theatre props made of foam core. We manufacture the highest quality, most realistic landscape elements, show props and more, and offer structural set design for your ease and benefit.

3D Foam Movie Props

Our 3D foam props are manufactured using precision tools, which are then custom painted according to your needs. We coat all props and set pieces with a protective plastic coat for enhanced durability and extended life. Our props can be used indoors and outdoors as a result of our enhanced creation process. We provide décor for indoor and outdoor sets, and can take the necessary precautions in preserving your props and set pieces if need be. Be sure to let us know how and where you will be using your props, so we can prep them accordingly to function.

Our props are precision made, meaning we can offer customers exact replicas of objects as well as scale models, custom sculptures and background pieces. Our process begins with drawings and sketches created from your descriptions. Using these sketches, we load our software with 3D Computer-Aided Design files, compatible with our CNC routers and foam cutters. These are the machines that do the cutting and shaping of the foam core before it is given to our team. When the objects are cut, our teams thoroughly sand them and prep them further if needed. With some precise props, we manually carve the foam to give them a complete final shape, which is then hand painted and coated in a hard protective coat. As we are capable of the most precise design, Custom Engineered Arts is an excellent choice for the most detail-oriented prop design. We offer the best quality and realism in models, objects and landscape features for your movie and theatre sets. Whether you need rocks, ice pieces, realistic trees, landscapes, mountains, show props such as realistic figures and replicas, or any other movie set, we have you covered. Please take a look at our portfolio to have a better idea of the quality of our props.

Movie props

set design by custom engineered arts

Structural Set Design

Similarly, we offer structural set design for a movie, theatre, or events. Our highly creative and experienced teams specialize in making realistic set pieces and creating an extraordinary setting for your use. With the help of our design team, you can make your movie or production creation an easy, highly realistic and creative venture.

Our company works together with customers to create quality props, models, landscape elements and more according to your wishes and specifications. We aim to establish a dynamic based on customer satisfaction, which is why we ensure that your every idea is seen to.  Custom Engineered Arts offers the best in 3D foam prop, sculpture, décor and custom creation services. Our props made according to custom order, meaning that we guarantee a unique aesthetic that fits your vision completely.

More About our Foam Services

Custom Engineered Arts has the capabilities to make your movie or theatre production set the best you’ve ever seen. Our team of artists has a huge variety of skills and talents that allow us to make any project a reality. We take pride in creating the best décor, replicas, signs, and props, for a competitive price. Our quality products have appeared in photoshoots, magazines, and films. We offer a variety of services in the USA and Canada. Take a closer look at our website for a better idea of the services we offer. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our company and process, so feel free to give us a call at 1 (888) 332-8762 with any questions, or to talk about your custom foam art today.