Props For Rent

You want your event to be special and we might already have exactly what you need. Custom Engineered Arts has a number of 3D foam props available for rent, saving you the time and money on custom ordering one yourself! Scroll through our selection and get in touch for your free quote.

Ancient Greek Columns and Railings

SKU: PR-113

Huge Icecream Replica

SKU: PR-114

Decorative Paint Buckets

SKU: PR-101

Large Angel Wings

SKU: PR-102

Big Mushrooms Replica

SKU: PR-103

Golden Star

SKU: PR-104

Kate Spade Large Scale Decorative Cosmetics

SKU: PR-105

Large Pink Flower Replicas

SKU: PR-106

Large Scale White Roses

SKU: PR-107

Large Scale Flowers

SKU: PR-108

Magic Forest Trees & Mushroom Tables

SKU: PR-107


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