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Props for your event, exhibition, office, cartoon heroes, realistic heroes, movie heroes.

Custom cut foam sculptures are an excellent means of promotion, advertisements and prop creation. Custom Engineered Arts can create realistic models and figures for events, exhibitions, advertising purposes and more. We specialize in high-quality replica services and use our talents to provide realistic props and figures, scale replicas and sign and billboard designs for companies and events throughout Canada and the United States. We deliver orders to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and All across North America. With the aid of our company, your next event or exhibition can feature realistic cartoon figures, heroes, movie actors and celebrities. We offer our services to corporate and private events and functions. We are also skilled in realistic replica creation along with party décor, prop making, interior design and branding. Have cartoon characters, movie heroes, animals and mythical beasts, props and landscapes, life-sized replicas of objects and more. Whatever your idea, we can make it a reality during your next event.

We Bring your Vision to Life

Our foam core sculptures begin with the customer. When you call us with an idea we will strive to see it to completion, no matter what. Our highly-specialized team first sketches your idea, to give customers an indication of what to expect. With your approval, we will then turn these sketches into 3D Computer-Aided Design files which are compatible with the machines that cut the foam core: the CNC routers and CNC foam cutters. Once your model is made, our teams thoroughly sand and prepare them, making last minute adjustments, precise final shape and detail work. In the case of realistic figures, we spend the most time on the process of detailing as it is imperative to put effort into detail work. When finished, the foam sculpture is hand-painted and coated with a protective layer of plastic-like substance to protect it from weathering and the elements. This means that our sculptures can be used indoors as well as outdoors, for some time. When speaking with us please make sure you mention how your models, props or decorations will be used so that we can prepare them accordingly.

Side by Side Replica and Original Shoe

foam sculpting

Our company’s teams have the capabilities to bring your every vision to life, offering a wide range of talents and props. With the help of our creative teams, we have the capacity to create any custom foam object, sign, advertisement or lettering. Foam is often used in set-pieces, props, in television or film, or as custom decoration. We can create replicas of any products you or your company desires, to be used as advertisement, decoration, or for any purpose you see fit. Please view our portfolio to view some of our projects, and to have an idea of what we can do for you.

Advantages of Using Foam for Sculpting

The benefits of using foam core to create models, realistic figures and sculptures and more is that foam core is highly versatile, durable, easy to install and carry and are far more cost-effective than other means of sculpture and art. With the help of Custom Engineered Arts you can have realistic, inexpensive and quality replicas for use in your event, home or office. What sets us apart from other companies is our attention to detail and how much time we are willing to invest in customer satisfaction. When you come to us with an idea, we will deliver the guaranteed best results and highest quality work available on the market. This applies especially to realistic figure creation, where quality and realism affect the impact your figure will have on your audience. By offering the highest quality work, we guarantee that your audience will notice your custom prop.

model from Styrofoam

Order Realistic Models and Figures

With our help, your realistic models and figures are just a phone call away. As a company, we take pride in creating the highest quality product. Our team of artists has a huge variety of skills and talents that allow us to make any project a reality. Take a closer look at our website. for a better idea of the services we offer. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our company and process, so feel free to give us a call at 1 (888) 332-8762 with any questions, or to talk about your custom foam art today.


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