Oversized styrofoam letters for marketing and pool decoration
3d signs for business or events, corporate logos, slogans, 3d images, indoor and outdoor.

When it comes to signs and billboards, Custom Engineered Arts is proud to offer a complete, creative and unique solution. We are Toronto’s best 3D logo makers. With the help of our design team, you can create 3D signs for business and event corporate logos, 3D images for advertisement, for both indoor and outdoor use. We can provide customers with design assistance for your creative needs, including raised graphics, oversized lettering, dimensional letters, panels, recessed graphics, LED illumination, dimensional appliques, carved or sandblasted sign panels, hand sculpted accents and much more. Give us a call today about your logo, sign or billboard to talk about how we can bring your vision to life.

Our Foam Signs And Billboards

All of our graphics, signs, and billboards are hard coated and can be installed or used indoors and outdoors. We hand-paint our foam work and ensure that the structure of your order will be durable in outdoor conditions.  Our teams have the capacity to bring to life any of your ideas. We work with you to merge our design and building expertise with your ideas to create a product that is perfect for your specifications. We specialize in foam carving, which offers customers amazing durability and versatility, easy transportation, lightweight design for easy installation and carrying as well as a wide range of uses. Foam core can be used to construct props, custom replicas and sculptures, designs, billboards, signs, advertisements as well as set-pieces and custom decoration. We specialize in design and aesthetics and use this to our advantage when creating unique, eye-catching signs and billboards for your company’s use. Advertisement and decoration with foam sculpture allow you to create an impact on your company’s functioning, which is why our custom 3D signs, graphics, and billboards are a sure way to get the attention you require. Please view our portfolio to view some of our past projects, and to have an idea of what we can do for you.

Styrofoam sign

Uses for Custom 3D Foam Signs


Advertisement: The more impact your advertisement has, the more likely customers are to notice your company. For these reasons, we offer custom lettering, sign design, and adornments designed to catch the eye of onlookers. We offer LED illumination for signs and billboards, to allow your design to have the desired impact.

Events: Make use of exceptional, custom signs for events and parties. Corporate or private, you can create a unique aesthetic through custom lettering and decoration.

Impact: We specialize in manufacturing eye-catching signage in addition to props and replicas, and know that the bolder the statement the more important it is. Impact is a huge reason to use 3D sculpture to its full advantages. Three-dimensional sculptures, signs and logos offer huge appeal and attraction and can help you market your company better. Simply put, making a larger impact allows you to attract more attention than you would with flat graphics.

Cost-Effective, Durable Advantage: Foam sculpting offers a variety of unique advantages for every occasion. Our clients rave about the benefits of 3D oversized lettering over simple, 2D signage. We also offer LED lighting and illumination for our products, to create even more of an impact and ensure that your logo, brand and lettering is seen night and day. Foam sculpture offers exceptional durability, easy maintenance, easy installation, amazing versatility and is a cost-effective solution for all prop, advertisement, replica and decoration needs.

What Can we do with Foam

Custom Engineered Arts offers oversized lettering and signage for your use in advertising, media, and decoration. With our capabilities, we can create highly effective advertisements, massive logos, and much more. We coat our 3D lettering with fibreglass and take extra steps to ensure that your lettering can be used in indoor and outdoor locations if need be. Be sure to let us know how and where you will be using your foam sculpture, so we can prep it accordingly to function.

foam sculpture

Why Choose us

Our company, Custom Engineered Arts, has a variety of services in addition to foam signs and billboards. Our quality products have appeared in photoshoots, magazines, and film. Take a closer look at our website for a better idea of the services we offer in Canada and USA. As our company strives to create lasting relations with customers, we take every effort to work in a timely, effective manner. Our team of artists has a huge variety of skills and talents that allow us to make any project a reality. We take pride in creating the best décor, replicas, signs and props, for a competitive price and work with you to ensure that your needs are met. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our company and process, so feel free to
give us a call at 1 (888) 332-8762 with any questions, or to talk about your custom foam art today.