When you need to be creative and make a statement, styrofoam sculptures are the way to go. Whether you need something to impress your clients or neighbours, custom foam is the way to go.

The best part about styrofoam is that it can be custom cut to resemble whatever you choose. It’s the perfect solution for marketing, set decor, tradeshows and events and so much more.

Here at Custom Engineered Arts, we can provide the right custom foam piece for any occasion.

3d signs and styrofoam logos

Realistic 3D Styrofoam Sculptures California

When you need something that will stand out, styrofoam is the ideal material. It can be shaped and cut into any style or design you want. Get signs, billboards, product replicas, or anything else you can dream of.

These are perfect for decorations, branding, trade shows, and marketing. They are lightweight and can be easily transported and installed for a more permanent use in a store or office.

Styrofoam is the perfect material to make a replica of your product. You can even choose to make it life-sized. 3D sculptures look realistic which is ideal for all your marketing purposes.

Foam Sculpting and Carving in California

Not only do we provide custom-made foam carvings, but we will deliver the finished product to your location and install it for you. We handle all aspects of the styrofoam sculpture right here at our warehouse.

That means we are in control of your whole project, from the first idea to the final installation. There is no need to worry about third-party inconveniences, as we take care of everything for you.

These lightweight sculptures can be placed anywhere. They are durable and can be used as a permanent placement in a store or for a more special occasion like a business and networking event.

Why Styrofoam Sculptures?

Custom Engineered Arts can create anything you can imagine with their styrofoam sculptures. Because it’s lightweight and easy to work with, you can get an extra-large sculpture that looks fantastic and is still easy to transport and install. 

It can be cut to any shape you like and is perfect for coating, dying or painting. The sculptures can be done quickly so you are not waiting. Another bonus is that foam is extremely versatile, and is also very affordable. 

Styrofoam is the perfect solution for businesses who need something on a larger scale. With any other material, it will likely be too heavy for transport. 

Why are Styrofoam Sculptures a Game-Changing Marketing Tool?

Styrofoam sculptures are an excellent marketing tool because of its lightweight nature. This is perfect for those who need marketing tools for trade shows or product launches. They can be made to be as large as you like and the 3D aspect makes them stand out better than many other marketing tools.

Here at Custom Engineered Arts, we can cut foam to match anything you need. We work closely with you to listen to your ideas and we’ll make sure we achieve your end goal. Custom Engineered Arts can create unique and beautiful pieces that will change the way people look at your brand or service.

Contact us today so we can get started on your one-of-a-kind styrofoam sculpture!