Styrofoam sculptures are found in a number of different industries – this includes everything from 3D letters and logos, topographic maps, and character models to dioramas, statues, and medical models.

If you need custom foam sculptures, look no further than Custom Engineered Arts. We have many years of experience creating stunning sculptures for our clients.

Lifelike 3D Styrofoam Sculptures Florida

A great way to showcase an original design is through the use of 3D styrofoam sculptures – this allows you to provide a realistic representation at a smaller scale. Instead of using clay or metal like traditional sculptures, our team of talented artists uses styrofoam as their material of choice to create breathtaking models.

Styrofoam sculptures are lightweight, durable, and fully recyclable. Another reason why styrofoam is such a popular material is that it can be sculpted to the preferred shape at a quick rate while offering the ability to achieve immaculate detail. Once the desired shape is created, our artists will paint it and provide a protective coating.

Foam Sculpting and Carving Experts in Florida

Custom Engineered Arts are the styrofoam sculpture experts of Florida. We also deliver the styrofoam sculpture and will install it on-site. Our polystyrene displays speak for themselves, and we always strive to exceed customer satisfaction.

These sculptures are used for educational purposes, movie props, and large public displays in malls and networking events. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to create something based on an existing object or design a concept from scratch, bring your ideas to our artists and let them get to work.

Foam Sculptures

Advantages of Styrofoam Sculptures

  • Versatile – styrofoam is a very easy material to shape, sculpt, cut, paint, and coat. Artists love working with this material. Curves and irregular shapes are no problem when it comes to designing and creating replica foam sculptures. 
  • Quick turnaround time – our team of dedicated professionals pride themselves on meeting our customers needs, and doing so in a timely manner. Our process allows us to create designs in a short amount of time, so bring your requests to us and we’ll let you know what you can expect.
  • Cost-effective – styrofoam is an inexpensive material and allows for the creation of massive displays that don’t carry an exorbitant bill. 
  • Lightweight – because it’s such a lightweight material, it’s very easy to work with and manipulate. This also means it’s very easy to transport large sculptures from event to event. Typically, one or two people are more than enough to assemble displays.
  • Recyclable – perhaps the biggest perk associated with styrofoam sculptures is that it’s an eco-friendly material. It is 100 percent recyclable, and can even be repurposed and used for other design models. 

Are Styrofoam Sculptures a Vital Marketing Tool?

An impressive styrofoam sculpture is something that will get people talking. It’s a great way to get noticed and an even better tool for marketing. Maybe you’ve been to trade shows or events that have styrofoam displays or characters created.

It’s a great way to showcase a business or occasion – the possibilities are truly endless. Letters, props, shapes, characters, and more – these sculpted models are a great way to grab attention. For more information or for custom foam sculpting services throughout Florida, call the professionals at Custom Engineered Arts.