Have you wanted to create a stunning sculpture for your home or business? A styrofoam sculpture allows you to design and develop a piece that fits your unique business or personal brand.

Utilizing the latest in 3D styrofoam technology, you can have a piece that is eye-catching and makes a statement when people visit your home or business. Let’s look at some of the design and material options available when doing custom foam cutting so you can ensure your piece is a real showstopper.

custom fabrication

Lifelike 3D Styrofoam Sculptures Miami

Custom Engineered Arts is an innovative 3D fabrication company. Incorporating the latest 3D technologies, our design team can create unique products and sculptures that are custom crafted and designed to match your brand or home decor.

We can achieve the perfect design to suit your needs from 3D printed statues to 3D topographies.

Our pieces are perfect for any event or special occasion including:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate launches
  • Branding
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Photo booths
  • Art Installations 
  • Fundraising Events 

Our pieces can be custom-made with materials to suit your event so that your piece will last for many years, becoming a symbol of your business or corporate success.

interior art from styrofoam

Foam Sculpting and Carving in Miami

We specialize in creating designs that are unique and in line with your brand or custom design requirements. We work with you from creating the design to the final installation to ensure that each piece exceeds your expectations. Furthermore, we ensure a quality product designed and created to suit your deadline and budget.

Our pieces have been used by homeowners, businesses, and media outlets all over the world to create a custom look that matches their special occasion or marketing goals. We don’t just design your custom styrofoam sculptures, but we also deliver them to ensure they arrive ready for complete installation in perfect condition.

3d foam sculpture

Why Choose Styrofoam Sculptures?

Styrofoam sculptures allow you to create impressive installations at a fraction of the cost. Styrofoam is lightweight, and easy to manipulate and transport, so you can have your piece available for your event or business launch in a timely manner.

We only use the finest materials to create custom designs that reflect your brand or event decor. Our pieces are made with the highest quality cut foam, wood, metal fabrication, acrylic or epoxy to match your specific design needs.

Are Styrofoam Sculptures an Important Marketing Tool?

Styrofoam sculptures are the perfect and most cost-effective way to market your brand or event. Styrofoam allows you to have design elements that are the right size, shape, color, and finish to match your brand colors or design specifications. They are lightweight and easy to transport, which makes them a great addition to any conference or trade show.

You can use them in a multitude of ways so you get more value for your money. Our expert designers and craftspeople are true artisans who are proud to take your vision and mould it into a piece that will help you expand your business.