If you want to make a big impact at your next event or liven up your office with a tribute to your unique products, then you should consider getting a styrofoam sculpture. Whether it’s used as a movie prop or an educational tool, styrofoam sculptures can be produced on any scale depending on your needs and the venue. But we guarantee that the people who view your styrofoam sculptures will be completely impressed. 

Styrofoam sculptures are an eye-catching addition to your:

  • Attraction or theme park
  • Museum 
  • Trade show
  • Lobby display
  • Office 
  • Retail store
  • Special event
  • Production setting

Real-Life 3D Styrofoam Sculptures New York

Turning your ideas into spectacular displays of art — that’s what we do every day at Custom Engineered Arts. No matter what your vision is, our exceptionally talented sculptors and designers can turn your vision into a reality.

Utilizing the most advanced rendering technology for 3D design, we’ll consult with you to approve the design and begin creating it at any size or scale you desire.

Here are some examples of what our dream team can make using foam sculptures: 

  • Characters
  • Film Props
  • Murals
  • Different shapes and backgrounds 
  • Statues
  • Themed models
  • Large letters and numbers

Foam Sculpting and Carving in New York

All of our styrofoam sculptors pay close attention to the finer details of your project. You’ll be amazed to see them transform a piece of styrofoam into an exquisite masterpiece.

We use the finest quality tools and methods to deliver a superior product. We also deliver and install at your location for ultimate convenience.

Benefits of Styrofoam Sculptures

We invest in the latest printing technologies and 3D designing software for all our requests in our state-of-the-art, 45,000-square-foot studio. With the industry’s widest range of colors, finishes, and materials to choose from, we guarantee a stress-free process with our talented technicians and artists.

Very few can say that they have this kind of experience when it comes to styrofoam sculpture – trust your project with people who know what they’re doing and treat each piece as a work of art.

Styrofoam Sculptures are Crucial Marketing Tools 

There are so many reasons to invest in a custom foam sculpture for your business or institution today. Styrofoam sculptures are an incredible way to draw in customers and clients to your event or store.

Styrofoam sculptures are also a cost-effective way to dress up your TV or movie set, making authentic-looking sets easier than ever before. And maybe you’re trying to transport your visitors and clients into another world. Styrofoam sculptures can help replicate any environment or give people a more detailed look at an important model or mechanism. 

At Custom Engineered Arts, we promise that you’ll love what we create for you. Our passion is bringing your vision to life with our artists’ love of sculpture and design. To find out more, contact the team at Custom Engineered Arts today for a free consultation and estimate.